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April 10, 2013
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You spin around in your wheeley chair while nodding your head to the beat of the music. You listened to Dave as he performed his
latest original rap, using his turntables to their full potential. You loved it when he showed you his projects and they always turned
out wonderful. You were never a big fan of rap but when Dave was behind it you couldn't get enough. He had such a smooth way with
words and they would just flow perfectly. You smiled as the music faded to a stop and rolled your chair over to him.

"I think your songs get better every time you write one." You looked up into his dark shades and just barely saw his unique ruby eyes.
He smirked down at you.

"They better. I work hard on this shit." He turned back to his equipment and began tinkering with some switches and buttons.

You wondered how hard it must be to write so many songs all the time, having never written any yourself. It seemed like it would be
somewhat complicated and definitely time consuming. How long did he spend on his work? However long, they always ended up perfect. You
loved listening to his songs at home all the time. He considered you one of his closest friends so you were the one he showed them to
first, always asking for advice. It always made you happy to know he thought of you two as close. You had had a crush on him for quite
a while now and it grew stronger by the day.

"Ahem?" Your eyes shot to his direction as Dave cleared his throat to get your attention.


"I said, I need ideas for a new song. I'm going through a fucking huge spell of writer's block here." You blushed a little after you
realized you had completely zoned out.

"Dude, you know I have zero creative juices flowing in these veins. You're the one with the talent." It was true you had never been
the most artistically talented person. You were somewhat decent at drawing, but there was a reason you were failing your english class.
Writing did not come very naturally to you.

"Yeah, trust me, everyone knows that. But you still gotta have something. Seriously, anything at all. Just name something at random.
I'll write some sick beats about turtles if I have to." You giggled at his sarcastic words.

"Well there you go! Turtles!" He gave you the "oh my god can you really be that stupid" look and you burst into another fit of giggles.
Then a light bulb went off in your head and you immediately stopped laughing. Giving him a devilish smirk, you stood up out of your
wheeley chair and leaned yourself slightly over his equipment. You put your face about a foot from his own.

"Well," You spoke while slowly closing the space between your faces, "you could always write about this." You finish the last couple
inches and gently pressed your lips to his. You watched his eyes widen before shutting your own. At first he was unresponsive and you
began to worry that you had made the biggest mistake of your life, but you were relieved when he eventually kissed back and leaned in
to deepen it. After a few moments he pulled back pushed some of the equipment to the other side of their table. He smiled and patted
the empty space.

"Hop up." You snickered and scooted yourself onto the surface then lifted your legs to spin to the side he was on. He rested his hands
on the desk to either side of you brought his face to your neck, biting and sucking all of your sweet spots. You groaned and lifted
your hands to his chest, curling your fingers around the fabric of his shirt. His hand came up and pressed against your shoulder to
push you onto your back. He crawled onto the table and pinned you to the table and once again locked lips with you. You licked his
bottom lip for entrance and felt him smirk before obliging to your request. His tongue rubbed against yours as you explored his mouth
while your lips worked together in perfect harmony. His hand slid up your sleek frame and landed on your chest, giving your breast an
experimental squeeze. Your breath caught in your throat for a moment as he continued to kneed one then switch to the other. He sat up
and lifted his shirt over his head, revealing his lightly muscled body. You stared in awe at his beautiful physique which was the
perfect balance of muscle and slimness. You reached your hands up and gently dragged them across his bare torso, your touch memorizing
his every feature. You sat up and reconnected your lips. In the midst of the passion you felt your body being lifted off of the table
and you thought he was picking you up. Then you noticed that his arms weren't around you, or even on you for that matter. You jerked
back and looked down. You and Dave were hovering several feet off the ground with wind blpwing around you in swirls. You instantly
entered freak the fuck out mode.

"EEP!" You awkwardly flailed your arms and in diong so caused yourself to flip backwards so you were hanging upside down facing the
door. You saw a giggling, glasses-clad John peeking in from through the door. You immediately blushed a deep red and crossed your arms
across your exposed chest. You glared at him furiously which only caused him to laugh harder.

"Dammit John! What the fuck, I'm not wearing a shirt! AND I'M AFRAID OF HEIGHTS AND YOU KNOW THAT!" He burst into a loud bellow and
fell over on the floor clutching his sides. He didn't seem to care that your breasts were out in the open for anyone to see. You sent
more curse words in his direction. You couldn't believe he would use his wind powers at a time like this! He sat up and wiped a tear
from his eye before looking up at the two of you, floating slightly off the ground himself.

"Aw come on, you know I'm the master of pranks! And this is DEFINITELY the ultimate prank for Mr. Cool over there." Before you could
rebuttle you felt an arm wrap around your waist and pull you back into Dave's warm embrace. He clutched you close to his chest and you
both simply drifted for a moment, drinking in each others' scent. He leaned his head in close enough for you to feel his breath on the
shell of your ear.

"Thanks for the inspiration."
I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to post this! We are scheduling our classes for high school and there are a ton of band concerts lately so school has been pretty stressful -_-' But I will try to post some more stuff as soon as possible! My next one will most likely be Tavros, but it's not for sure. Anyway, have fun flying! :D

Oh and please point out any typing errors if you see them :) Greatly appreciated!
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