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You sat down on the couch in your living room with a spoon in one hand and a pudding cup in the other. Putting the spoon in your mouth
you reached up to turn off the light, leaving only the light of the TV for you to see. Tonight was going to be your nice and easy
night. You were dressed in your most comfortable pajamas which consisted of a light weight tank top that didn't quite cover your
stomach and your favorite pair of light blue briefs. Because it was the middle of summer and it was quite hot at night, you normally
slept without pants on. Besides, it was really comfortable. You had popped in one of your favorite movies, Love and Other Drugs, to
watch while you ate your pudding peacefully. This was the first time in a while you got a chance to watch this movie and you had
forgotten how much you loved it. The movie started and you snuggled down into the cushions. Finally, a great chance to relax...



“HEY, ____! YOU HOME?” You heard someone yell very loudly down the front hallway. You looked up just in time to see Karkat come in
through the living room entrance.

“Good, you're here. I would've felt like a complete dumbass if I had burst in here and you weren't-”

“KARKAT I'M NOT WEARING PANTS! GET THE FUCK OUT!” You shot up and quickly scanned the room for some kind of blanket to cover with
while Karkat stood back, thoroughly confused. He glanced down at your apparel and felt his face grow bright red. His gaze lingered
there for a moment before he shook his head slightly and shut his eyes.

“AH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK! Why aren't you wearing any god damned pants?!” He turned around and waited while you grabbed the blanket
hanging on the back of the couch and wrapped it around your waist.

“Gee, I dunno, maybe because this is my fucking house? You can turn around now.” He turned to face you and saw that a slight blush
still donned his pale cheeks. You couldn't help thinking about how adorable he looked when he blushed. He was like an angry little kid.
Karkat looked at the TV screen and perked up, clearly forgetting what had just happened.

“Are you watching Love and Other Drugs?” He took a couple steps closer to the screen. You were a little surprised he knew this movie
just by watching a couple seconds of it.

“Yes, I was enjoying it wonderfully until SOMEONE had to barge in and ruin it. It's one of my favorite movie's ever.” He glanced back
over at you with a somewhat surprised look on his face.

“Wow, really? I love this movie too. I've seen it a thousand times.” Now it was your turn to be surprised. You didn't take Karkat to
be the Rom Com type at all, what with his broody nature.

“Well I only just started it a few minutes ago. Care to join me for the rest of it?” You walked over to the couch and sat down,
patting the seat next to you. He came over and hopped onto the couch with you and leaned back into the soft cushions.

“Fuck yes! I haven't seen it in forever because Sollux, the little fuckass, hid my copy of it last time he came over.”

“Yeah, that sounds like him.” You both fell silent as the movie continued. You thought it was nice finally having someone to watch
this movie with. All of your friends thought these type of movies were annoying or boring. You were the only one that really got into
them, so you had quite a few lonely movie nights on the weekends. Not much farther into the movie you noticed Karkat was shivering
next to you. You weren't sure how he could possibly be cold in such a warm room during summer, but you had always been a bit warmer
than most so you probably just didn't notice the cold.

“Here, do you want to share the blanket? You seem pretty cold.” You lifted the blanket a bit as an invitation for him to scoot
underneath. He looked at you, a bit unsure, but accepted your offer with a slight blush and got closer to reach the blanket. It wasn't
until you felt his pant leg on your bare skin that you realized you still weren't wearing pants. That must have been why he was
blushing like you now were. Your cheeks were burning while you tried to ignore the tingle you got from how close the two of you were
and focus on the movie. It took a little bit but you eventually managed to forget where you were and once again become absorbed in the
movie. After a few minutes you subconsciously nestled a little closer to him, slightly leaning on his chest, but he didn't seem to
notice. The saddest part of the movie was coming up and you both knew it. You felt his hand shift over to land on your leg with a soft
squeeze. He didn't seem to realize the placement of his hand and neither did you with your eyes still glued to screen, waiting for the
moment where you always get teary-eyed. At the climax of the scene you grabbed a small fistful of his shirt in your hand and squeezed
to comfort yourself, while his grip on your leg tightened. The moment soon passed and you both began to relax. You released his shirt
while at the same time noticing the warm hand on your thigh. He must have noticed it too because you felt his hand stiffen and heard
a small gulp come from his throat. However, he didn't move his hand. You looked up to see him staring down at you with a serious
expression on his face. Without a word he leaned down and locked his lips with yours. You were surprised at first, but soon closed you
eyes and melted into the kiss. You shifted your body so you could face him better and draped your arms around his neck, burying a hand
in his thick black hair. His hands landed on your waist and pulled you closer to deepen the kiss. You felt his tongue brush across
your bottom lip and gladly gave him access, though a short battle ensued to determine who was in charge. You gave in rather quickly
and let him take control, feeling him explore every inch of your mouth. There was a certain taste he noticed on you but couldn't quite
place. You shivered, earning a small smile from him, when you felt his hand go underneath your shirt and slide up your bare back. He
broke the kiss and began leaving kisses down you neck and to your collar bone, trailing back up the other side to stop at your
shoulder. Karkat leaned back and reached down, pulling his shirt up and over his head. You looked at his naked torso for the first
time and saw that was actually very fit. You glided your fingers up his chiseled stomach and rested your hands on his chest. You
leaned in and went to work on his neck, leaving little hickeys in your wake. You felt his hands reach underneath your shirt again
only higher as you found his sweet spot and heard a soft moan escape his lips. Enjoying his reaction you smirked and lightly bit down
in the same spot, earning a groan. You heard a light click as your bra came undone. He leaned you down until your back hit the seat
of the couch and he dove in for another kiss. He worked his hand up your shirt and began to lift your bra, but stopped suddenly and
sat up a bit.


“...What?” You weren't really sure where he was going with that.

“You taste like pudding.” You blushed, remembering the pudding cup from earlier. You started to feel a little self conscious.

“Is that bad? Should I brush my teeth or something?” You saw a warm smile spread across his lips.

“No. It's fucking delicious.”
I'm sorry ;-; I'm not very good with characters. This is supposed to represent Karkat's soft side. I guess. Kind of? Anyway, I hope you all like it!
Per request from :iconwarriorfanxxleafrush:
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