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March 18, 2013
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You reached for the final ingredient you needed for the pie you were planning on baking. It was a great recipe your friend Gamzee had given you. You were a bit skeptical at first because of the way he seemed to act after having them, but after seeing the list you realized there was an optional "secret ingredient". You decided to leave that out when you tried it, and it was actually really good. Putting the green food dye in the basket you continued down the isle towards the check out counter. You paid for your items and walked out the door to start your walk home only to bump into someone.

"Ah, I'm sorry." You looked up to see a familiar painted face.

"Hey sis, how you up and mother fuckin' doing?" You smiled up at Gamzee and he smiled dopily back.

"Oh hi! Long time no see." He looked down at the bags in your hand and his face lit up.

"Whoa, you planning on making a mother fuckin' pie?" You smiled at his child like excitement over baked goods.

"Actually yes, I am. I don't have anything going on, so do you want to come over and help me with it?" He reached a hand up and ruffled the back of his poofy hair. It was always so messy and fluffy, you just wanted to run your hands through it all day.

"Man, it's a fuckin' miracle you should ask me that. I've been bored all day. Come on, I'll give us a lift." You walked out to the parking lot with him. Most people found it annoying that he uses so many profanities when he talks but you had taken a liking to it. You thought it was kind of funny actually. You got into the passenger seat of his car, which oddly enough was a blue prius, and set the bag on the floor. Soon the short drive was over and you fumbled around your pockets to get out your key. Once inside you put the bag on the counter and began emptying it's contents. Gamzee leaned against the counter while you prepared eveything for the pie. While you were going through a cabinet to find some pie tins you heard the hiss of a bottle opening. You turned to see Gamzee take a large drink of some red liquid, wiping his mouth with his hand which ended up smearing his face paint.

"What's that?" You had never seen that type of drink before. He looked at you with a mixture of surprise and his usual blank expression.

"Aw, ___, you don't know about the wicked elixir? This stuff is mother fuckin' amazing." You watched as he took another gulp. It didn't look half bad, but you decided to get on with the pie.

"Well you have fun with your 'wicked elixir' and I will set things up. And just so you know, I'm leaving out your special ingredient."

"Oh, now that's not mother fuckin' fair." His deep voice was coated with mock disappointment.

"Sorry, but not only do I not have any but I don't enjoy it as much as you do." He chuckled and went back to his soda. You finished getting everything out and set up with the ingredients scattered around the counter top.

"Alright Gamz, wash your hands real quick and start mixing the ingredients while I go upstairs and change." You were wearing one of your better outfits and you didn't want it to get messy.

"No problem." You heard the faucet turn on as you headed up the stair case. In your room you quickly threw on a baggy t shirt and some pajama bottoms then headed back down to the kitchen. You hadn't been gone for long but when you reentered the kitchen he had already practically finished. You stared in astonishment as he poured the filling into the already lined pie tin.

"How did you do that so fast? I was only gone for a few minutes!" He looked up and smiled, still pouring the mixture.

"Sis, you know I make these all the time. It's like a mother fuckin' second nature to me." Gamzee picked up the pie and popped it in the oven, setting the timer for thirty minutes. He went to where he left his drink and finished it off. You were rather curious as to what it tasted like. It looked pretty interesting. He must have noticed you watching him because he went over to his grocery bag and pulled out a second bottle. This one wasn't red, but blue.

"You want to try some? This Faygo shit is delicious." You figured it wouldn't hurt to try some.

"It's just soda right? Seems legit. Sure, why not." You went over and stood next to him, leaning on the counter with him. He twisted off the top with the initial hiss from the carbination. You waited for him to hand you the bottle but instead he put the bottle to his own lips and took a drink. He didn't swallow, instead leaning in and pressing his lips, still sticky with soda, to yours. You weren't expecting this, but didn't complain. After a moment you kissed him back passionately, getting a small taste of the drink in his mouth. You felt his tongue run along your lips and you opened your mouth, a flood of saliva and Faygo pouring in. It tasted sweet on your tongue with a sugary blueberry flavor to it. You drank it without breaking the kiss and you felt Gamzee smile. He pulled back for an air break and you noticed his makeup was more smeared than before.

"So what do you think?" He beamed at you with a lazy expression.

"It's delicious, just like you."
I'm sorry that this is so short. I felt bad about not posting for such a long time that I wanted to get through a couple of them. So yay, I posted two in one night :D I'm happy now. I hope you guys like this.
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